Créer des stratégies dans les paris sportifs

Tutorial : Strategy builder

Hi it’s Betty, 

I am very happy to announce the release of our brand new tool: the Strategy Builder. This tool is almost like a crystal ball! It will allow you to find winning betting strategies in a simple, fast and effortless way!  

So here we go! In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the winning strategy builder for your sports betting.

You will see that it is very easy to find winning strategies or to adapt losing strategies to become winning

Access to strategy builder

To start creating your strategies, you must be logged in.

Then go to the menu “Tools – Strategy”, simply.

Go to "Tools - Strategy" to acess the strategy builder

Start creating a strategy

On the page that lists your strategies, you can see some updated indicators on your already created strategies.

List of created strategies

All you have to do is click on the “Create” button at the top right to start creating a strategy.

Use the strategy builder

Name of the strategy

The first thing to do is to name the strategy: the more explicitly you name it, the easier it will be to recognise it later on.

For this tutorial, I’m going to create an away win strategy for the Big 5 European leagues.

We’ll call it “Big 5 – Result : Away”.

Named the strategy

Bet for each match

You then choose the type of bet you wish to make on each match detected.

You select the market and then the desired outcome.

In our case, I will select “Match result” and “Away”.

Finally, if you only want to bet when the odds have a specific value, you can set this now. You can specify a minimum or a maximum, or both.

If you want to bet on any odds, you can leave the values blank. You can also decide to reduce the odds to be played only later, according to the indicators calculated after an initial simulation.

Select the bet and ths odds range to play

Les compétitions de la stratégie

The next step allows you to define which competition(s) you wish to bet on.

Only the competitions for which we have odds are available. At the time of writing, you can select the competitions of the 2020/2021 and 2021 season.

Select leagues you want to bet on

From now on, all mandatory fields are filled in. You can now launch a first simulation of your strategy.

Click on the “Refresh simulation” button: the simulation starts.

Match selection filters

his part of the strategy is not compulsory but it will help you to be more precise and profitable.

Indeed, if you launch the strategy now, you will play all the matches of the selected competitions (unless you have set an odds range that prevents betting outside this interval).

In this part of the strategy builder, you will be able to specify the criteria for selecting the matches according to the pre-match statistics of each team.

For example, you can indicate that you only want to bet on matches where the away team has an away win rate of 25% or more

Statistics filter to select match to bet on

Thanks to these filters, you can refine your selection of matches on which the simulation will bet. You will find the same statistics as on the analysis frame: win rate, draw rate, number of goals scored, number of goals conceded, number of yellow cards taken, number of penalties taken, percentage of matches where both teams score, …

Understanding the strategy builder's indicators

To understand the indicators, let me explain the stake management we use.

The simulation uses a bankroll of 1000€ with a fixed bet management of 1% of the initial capital. Each bet is therefore made with a stake of 10€.

Now you can have a drink and wait for the results. Our algorithms calculate everything for you and then the strategy indicators are displayed.

Results of the strategy's simulation

I will now explain each indicator we calculate:

  • Number of bets

This indicator is quite simple as it is the number of bets made with your criteria (competitions, bet, odds range and filter if you put any).

You will also see the number of bets this represents on average per month.

  • Average odds

The odds that are displayed are the average closing odds (last odds before the start of the match) offered by the bookmakers we collect. 

Above you will find the minimum success rate to be successful on this strategy.

  • Won bets

Here you will find the number of bets won out of the total number of bets played.

Below this we show the actual success rate.

  • Win/Loss

The long awaited indicator: the winnings! With our bet management, here are the winnings you would have obtained by playing on each match corresponding to your criteria (competition, odds range, filter). 

Below, an estimate of the winnings or losses smoothed out per month. 

  • Maximum loss

This indicator is also very important. It shows you how many successive losing bets you would have had at the maximum. It allows you to see the largest period of negative variance you would have faced. 

  • ROI

Also an important indicator. It allows you to see your Return on Investment. A very important concept in sports betting. To calculate it, we divide the sum of the winnings/losses obtained by the strategy by the total sum of the bets played. 

  • ROC

Another very important indicator to know if the strategy is profitable is the Return on Capital. It allows us to know the increase or decrease of the initial capital. In our example strategy, we would have had an increase in capital of 12%! Nice result, even without a match selection filter! :J

The list of matches played by the strategy builder

The block below the indicators allows you to see the list of matches that have been played by the strategy builder.

Bet played by the simulation

The matches are displayed grouped by month and by competition.

On each grouping, several indicators are displayed:

  • The number of bets played
  • The success rate on this month or this competition in the observed month
  • Wins/losses obtained for this month or this competition in the observed month


If you wish to see the matches played, click on the competition and the list of matches is displayed.

Bets taken for one month and one league

With this list you can detail the matches played and the average closing odds of the bookmakers for that match. This can allow you to refine your strategy and indicate odds you do not want to play. 

For example, we can see that for all matches where the odds are above 3, the bets are losing. Not playing these matches could increase your winnings.

Strategy maker: next games!

Knowing that your strategy is winning is great! But to know which games to play next is even better! And that’s good because the strategy builder gives them to you! 🙂

As soon as you update your simulation, the strategy builder calculates the next matches that match your criteria. You can then bet on these matches systematically because you know that the strategy is already winning or you can use the analysis frame to refine the strategy and only play the bets that seem interesting to you! For example, you could only play if you find a valuebet.

And the icing on the cake is that you can ask to be alerted when the next matches are detected! No need to go back to the strategy page after each match to find out if there are more matches to bet on!

Upcoming matches for the strategy you build

It’s never been easier to be a long-term winner in sports betting! 

So, it’s up to you!

Good matchs, good winnings and see you soon!



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