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Want to increase your profitability in the long term? And without having to work more? You will discover a very simple method but little known or very little used by gamblers.

The best part? Bet Assistant has developed a tool that will do everything for you:)

The opening market

If you’ve been following me for some time I presented you this track to win against the bookmakers in the article Beating the bookmakers.

For the new ones or to refresh your memory, this technique is based on the principle that when bookmakers take out their odds they are regularly poorly adjusted.

Indeed, the information (injuries, compositions, change room problem, etc.) is not yet all out and the bookmakers must therefore make assumptions. These assumptions are sometimes correct and sometimes not. Sometimes bookmakers do not even look for information and rely solely on statistics (especially for niche markets) which increase the possibility that they make quotation errors.

Why bet earlier ?

If you have been betting for some time and have watched or studied the evolution of the odds in bookmakers we find a chart very regularly:

Exemple d'évolution de cote

You can quickly see that the opening odds (left of the graph) are greater than the odds at the closing (just before the game/ right of the graph).

The consequence of this evolution is that by betting at the opening we win more money (if the bet is winning of course) than if we had bet just before the opening of the game.

If we take again the example of the chart and for a bet of 100€ for each bet and the bet is won:

– If you had bet out of the odds (2.4) you would have won 140€ net

– If you had waited until the day before to bet, you would have played a odds at 2.3 so you would have won 130€ net

– If you had bet on the day of the game, you would have played a 2.35 odds, so you would have won 135€ et

How do I bet when the market opens?

We have just seen the point of betting early after the opening of the markets at the bookmakers but there is still one problem: how do we know that our bookmakers have pulled out their ribs?

For this, you have two choices:

  • You look at the odds available at your bookies every day and every hour to make sure you don’t miss the opening … painful and boring as a technique OR
  • You use tools that do this search for you and that alert you automatically

Identify the opening of the rating automatically

To bet on opening markets, you need to know when the odds are available at your bookmaker.

For several years, Pinnacle has been offering an API to collect the data they post on their website and even to place bets elsewhere than through their website. Punters passionate about computers have therefore developed tools to collect this information and detect the arrival of a new rating on the site. The site and tool PinnyAlert is born!

So it’s magical, you just need to set up the software and it detects market openings on its own. Two problems remain with this system:
  • This tool only works if we only bet on Pinnacle (which should not be the case to have the best odds for all our bets)
  • This tool is not very usable on mobile (what damages in our time:))

Fortunately, modern tools have been created and offer mobile, user-friendly and above all multi-bookmakers experiences: here is Bet Assistant!

Bet Assistant Market Opening Alert

On Bet Assistant, you will find the rating alert directly on the match page.

Bet Assistant - Activer l'alerteur d'ouverture de marché

By default, you will receive an alert by email and by notification on your phone when we collect a rating for this match regardless of the bookmaker.

But like all our features, you can customize these alerts! To do this, you must go to the settings of the available alertor in “My Account -> Settings”

Bet Assistant - Accès aux réglages
Bet Assistant - Accès au Configurateur de l'alerteur d'ouverture de marché

In the menu on the left that appeared, you will find “Configuration of the market opening alert”. By clicking on it you will be able to configure this tool that will allow you to increase your profitability.

Now you will be able to set up the market opening alert as you wish.

To start you will be able to indicate how you wish to receive notifications. Two choices are available to you (by default we send you alerts in both ways):

  • By email
  • By push notification

Then, you will be able to choose whether the alert is to be triggered only for your favorite bookmakers or whatever bookmaker receives the 1st quote. If you don’t know how to set up your favorite bookies, I invite you to read the tutorial here).

Finally, you can choose which market you want to be warned about. You may not bet on the result of the match but only on the Handicap? Or that on the Over/Under? Check only the markets you want and you will be alerted only on what is useful for you!

Bet Assistant - Paramètres de l'alerteur d'ouverture de marché

Example of a market opening alert

Now that you know how to ask to be alerted and how to set your alerts, let’s see what those alerts look like.

As mentioned above, you can receive them by email or by push notification on your phone.

Here are 2 examples of what you will receive during a market opening:

Notification push

Bet Assistant - Alerteur d'ouverture de marché : notification push


Bet Assistant - Alerte Ouverture de marché par email

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