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Hello punters,

Today we meet to discover one of the features of our Bet Assistant platform dedicated to sports betting: the multicriteria search bar.

First, we’ll see how to access it from any page. Then we’ll see how to do a precise search by informing several teams or competitions. Finally, we’ll talk about advanced research that proposes several other research criteria.

Go to the search bar

Whether you’re connected to the platform or simply in visitor mode, you’ll easily find the search bar on the home page. Indeed, we have highlighted it. It is therefore accessible without navigation.

Bet Assistant : Access to searchbar on home page

On all pages of the site (including the home page), you can open the search bar by clicking on the “loupe” icon available in the top right headband.

Bet Assistant : Magnifying glass on the top of the site

In both cases, when you click, the search bar opens at the top of the navigation page like this:

Bet Assistant : Searchbar empty

Multi-criteria research

On the usual sites, the search bar allows you to find a team or a competition only. At Bet Assistant, we thought this search bar to also find upcoming but also past matches (for cold scans).

As soon as you start writing the name of the team or competition, the search results will appear. The more queries you write, the more the results are filtered and refined to match your search as closely as possible.

In addition, you can combine the criteria in the single field of research: one or two teams, a competition and a year or a team and a competition.

Let’s take two examples to illustrate the possibilities offered by this research bar.

Search Number 1: Past matches

We would like to check our analysis of the “Lyon -Juventus” match in the Champions League in the summer of 2020. Did the scenario of the imagined match happen? Let’s find out more about this game to find out.

So we start by looking for the first team of this match: Lyon.

Bet Assistant : Searchbar with keywords lyon

Results are already showing. We could go to the page of the team “Lyon” for example. But that’s not what we’re looking for. So let’s continue our search by completing our entry into the search bar with “Juventus”.

Bet Assistant : Searchbar with lyon and juventus

The results of the research are evolving to try to best match our research. The teams displayed now include the words “Juventus” in their name.But let’s look at the results of matches. We have a lot of games between Lyon and Juventus. Those dating from 2016 but especially that of the summer of 2020, which is the one that interests us. On the page of this match, we will be able to redo our analysis cold thanks to: 

– pre-match histories

– to the events of the match

– game statistics.

Bet Assistant : Searchbar result Lyon Juventus matches
Bet Assistant : Searchbar result Lyon Juventus matches

Search 2: Upcoming matches

Now we want to find Tottenham’s next games in the Europa League. We start by looking for the competition by typing only “europa”.

Bet Assistant : Searchbar step 1

The research highlights the Europa League for this year, but also in previous years. This is useful if you want to do a historical analysis.

The search also shows recently played matches. But we want to see Tottenham’s next games.

So we add the name of the team to the search bar: “tottenham.”

Bet Assistant : Searchbar step 2

The search quickly shows us the next games of the Tottenham team for the Europa League (between October 2020 and December 2020, end of pool matches).

You will understand this search bar allows to be precise in what one wants to find. In addition, it responds quickly to our “complex” queries. But imagine if we could go even further…

Advanced research

You may have already noticed, but there is an “Advanced Search” link available just below the search bar. By clicking on it, you are redirected to a specific search page with several complementary options to filter your queries.

Bet Assistant : Search advanced page

October 2020: As I write this line, only one option is available at this time. I will update this tutorial to explain all the complementary options that will be available soon.

The research by date

The first option available is a date filter. This option reduces the search even further to take into account only the matches between the selected dates.

This can be useful for performing an analysis on early season matches for example. Or, on the contrary, on end-of-season games, to find out how scores and the number of goals in a league evolve as it progresses.

Bet Assistant : Choose period of dates to filter matches

To use this filter it’s very simple, click on the small calendar and a pop-up opens to select a range of dates.

Click on the 1st date you want to see matches and the last date the match is scheduled to be played and the search results are updated directly.

We have provided several complementary options in this advanced research. Filter teams based on the number of goals they score or concede, depending on the number of cards they average in a game, … Follow us and subscribe to our social networks to be notified of the release of these options.

This tutorial is now complete, we hope that the tips it contains will be useful for your bets.Don’t hesitate to share your feedback on this tutorial or on the platform with the form at the bottom of the page. We will respond with great pleasure.


Betty, your assistant.

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