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Hello the punters,

Today, we discover a new feature on sports statistics websites: the customization of pages. This feature will save you a lot of time. We will see why and especially how you will be able to achieve this customization.

Why this feature?

As a punter, you probably use sites like Whoscored or Flashscore since they offer very useful information. But these are not sites designed for gamblers. And as a result, you need to navigate multiple pages or tabs to get all the information you are looking for. At Bet Assistant, we offer you to obtain all this information in «one-page», without having to navigate.

But in practice, not all information interests you! Your betting strategy is based on the analysis of certain statistics and news. So you don’t need everything. That is why we offer to take control of the displayed data and its layout. Thus, you can customize the pages of teams, competitions and especially the pages of upcoming matches.

With this feature, you only display the blocks that interest you for your analysis. You can also sort the information in the order you choose. This allows you to display the data in the order of your analysis frame. This way, you keep only the data that is useful to you.

In addition this feature is totally free! The only thing to do is to create an account.

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Login with your Google/Facebook account

There is two ways to customize pages :

  • From you account
  • Directly on customizable pages

Customize pages from "My Account"

In the top banner of the platform, on the right, there is a link to access your account information.

Bet Assistant : Access to my account

On the page that appears, you will find a sub-menu “Page Configuration”.

Bet Assistant : Access to configuration page in account page
Bet Assistant : Select the type pages in configuration page

You will then have to select the sport for which you want to customize the page as well as the type of page: team, competition or match.

A display in 3 columns is then presented to you:

  • The hidden sections
  • The sections displayed
  • The examples

In the center column are all the information sections displayed during the offline mode navigation.

For each proposed section, several actions are possible: move it and see an example.

By clicking left, you can move the section to change its display order or place it in the Hidden Sections column. This section will no longer be displayed when you are on the selected page type. Rest assured, you can display the hidden sections at any time if you wish.

The “Eye” button allows you to view an example in the left column. This allows you to summarize what data is present in this section. This way, you can organize it according to your analysis frame.

Bet Assistant : Configuration page

Customize the displayed page

When you are on an editable page (team, competition or match), you can see a “notched wheel” icon on the right edge of your browser.

On the statistics pages of a team (example Liverpool in England)

Bet Assistant : Access to configuration page in team pages

On the statistics pages of a competition (Series A in Italy)

Bet Assistant : Access to configuration page in league pages

On the pages comparing the statistics of two teams in a match.

Bet Assistant : How to configure page in match pages

When you click on this notched wheel, the control panel of the page appears.

Information: Depending on the page displayed (team, competition, match), the number of sections presented will be modified.

Configuration pages panel

In this panel you will find 2 parts: the hidden sections and the displayed sections.

As in the configuration page, each information section can be moved either to the list of displayed sections or to the hidden sections. When you have finished customizing the page, validate and the page updates.

If you prefer the column view seen earlier, you can click on “More configuration” to access it.

You now know all the possibilities to customize the pages of the Bet Assistant platform. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, don’t hesitate to let us know, either via our social networks or via the form below.