How to configure notifications

Article Paramétrer les alertes live

Hello punters,

Today we will detail the available notifications and comment on the settings to only receive what interests you as a bettor.

Notifications for punters ?

At first glance, live event notifications are not very useful for punters. Indeed, if you want to bet live on a match you might as well watch it. However, you may have to bet on multiple matches at the same time and still need to have information on unwatched matches. Finally, for some punters, watching a game we have bet on is a source of stress. Notifications will then play the role of event watcher for you. You will configure them to warn you of a significant event that could affect your placed bet: a player exiting with an injury, a penalty goal early in the game, a red card, etc. All these scenarios that jeopardize your pre-match analysis: the facts of the game as they are called.

Significant events

Thanks to the data we collect on live matches, we have identified several events that can influence your pre-match analysis.

These types of events are 3 for football:
  • The goals
  • The red cards
  • Changes (especially in the first half)
To be complete, we also offer to receive notifications for the following event types:
  • Start and end of halftime
  • The yellow cards

Enable notifications for a match

To receive notifications for a match simply click on the bell next to a match on the home page or directly from the page detailing the pre-match statistics of the match in question.

This icon appears only for upcoming matches (not started) and current matches (live).
Bet Assistant : Home page activation bell
Bet Assistant : Activate notification on league matches
Bet Assistant : Activate notification on match pages

This activation of notifications for the match only requires to have an active account, register it’s free !

Set up notifications

From the “My Account” page, go to the notifications configuration page.
Bet Assistant : Select your favorites bookmakers

The list of events for which notifications are available is displayed.

Bet Assistant : List of events available for notifications
Your configuration is taken into account as soon as you check or uncheck an event type. 
That is, if you decide to no longer receive notifications for yellow cards and you have requested notifications for a match that is in progress, you will not receive the information of the yellow cards for this match or the next ones for which you request notifications.

You should also be aware that you can request at any time not to receive notification for an entire match by unchecking the bell on the match in question.