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Welcome to Bet Assistant !

We are pleased to introduced you our work for month to offering you a betting platform. The goal is simple but ambitious and complex : guided you to become a profitable and long term winning  sports bettor.

Before to explain you how, let us tell you why we create this platform.

The thinking

Lot of people view betting like fun, wich is obviously right. Bet between friends, between coworkers in order to know who’s the best bettor in world’s cup make us vibrate. But beyond adrenaline of knowing if we win or loose the challenge, is there a opportunity to win money ?

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We are capable of betting on a league wich played every for years, without knowing the players neither the teams, why can we make regular benefits thanks to sports betting if we bet with researchs and good informations ?

During this time, we bet on issue of events wich we are do not control (we are not on the field), it’s remember you something ? There is a lot of people  who bet every days on events and they won money : the traders ! Buying an action on the stock exchange or a crptocurrency is just a bet on the current price in hope it will go up and we sold. If we going on, what’s an odd at a bookmaker ? It’s going up and down as the news shows up : exactly the same for the price at stock market !

An other comparaison : building. When we invest in a building, we make a bet on the price wich we hope goes up. Again, we make a bet on en event that we can’t control : the evolution of the price ! However, some people make this a work and make a capital gain.

Therefore, we ask ourselves if it can possibly to bet on sport’s match with strategies wich make us long term winner.

Learning and formation

With this idea in mind, we trained and learned a lot about sports betting. We started by looking at the English side, very well known for betting a lot and on all topics.

We discovered a complex but manageable field and the possibilities to become a winning gambler! But also a losing gambler … It is indeed very easy to be a long-term loser: lack of information, lack of knowledge, no long-term strategy, little or no analytical methodology, not the right tools, mental difficulties faced with the loss of several bets, mismanagement of its capital … and all this without taking into account the scams on social networks …

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During our learning, we discovered many websites:


All these sites are very useful but have a big drawback: the information presented is standardized, not customizable and very specialized. Therefore, it is impossible to do a phone analysis for example: too complicated to manage its 10 open tabs on your browser. Moreover, for beginners, it is very easy to miss out on useful information or simply not understand what they are used for.

The Idea : Bet Assistant

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An idea came to us: why not create a platform designed for sports punters! This is how the idea of creating Bet Assistant was born. Gather the information and tools needed to manage your sports bets from A to Z. 

Everything is done to simplify your daily life and save you time on tasks without added value:

  • Automate information collection (and avoid input errors in your Excel files)
  • Have all the tools on hand on a single platform
  • Customize the tools you use to fit your methods, not the other way around
  • Save time to focus on the essentials: your analysis

In addition, we want to make this environment discover to the greatest number, and that it becomes accessible and less risky than it seems. Articles on this site will popularize the field and explain the different steps that will allow everyone to become a winning bettor in the long run. The path is long but exciting you will see.

As you can see, our ambition is great as well as the desire to help you. We will be delighted to have you as our users and hope that the available and upcoming features (which are numerous) will be as useful as we think.

Stay tuned for updates on the platform and future features.

Team Bet Assistant

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