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Company that takes bets and pays back winnings when the person wins.

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Number expressed as a percentage that indicates the number of chances that an event will occur.


The odds of an event is a number proposed by a bookmaker indicating the win of a bet if it is won for 1€ wagered.

Player Return Rate

The Player Return Rate is the proportion of the amounts earned by the bettors in relation to the sum of the bets made by the bettors for a given period of time or a given bet.


A sports bet consists of betting money on an event during a sporting event.

Single Bet

A single bet is to bet money on a specific event of a sporting event. It is characterized by a rib and a bet.

Combined bet

A combined bet consists of betting money on several events of several sporting events. It is characterized by a rib (which is the multiplication of the ribs of the single bets component) and a bet.

System Bet

Un pari système consiste à miser de l’argent sur plusieurs événements de plusieurs rencontres sportives. Il est caractérisé par une côte qui est variable en fonction du nombre de pari simple combiné.


A free bet is a bet offered by the bookmaker. If it is winning only the net win (announced win – bet) is won by the bettor.


A tipster is a professional gambler who sells his sports bets to other priors via a registration (free or paid) at his service.



Amount of money reserved and used to make sports bets.

Bankroll Management

A set of actions taken to ensure that the sums bet on each bet do not endanger the capital as a whole.

Return On Investissement | ROI

All bets are expressed as a percentage of total bets.
The formula to calculate it is as follows: Sum of winnings / (Sum of winnings + sum of bets)

Return On Capital | ROC

All of the bettor’s earnings expressed as a percentage of the bettor’s capital.
The formula for calculating it is: Sum of Gains / (Sum of Gains + Capital)


Variance is a statistical concept which allows the dispersion of the mean deviation from the expectation to be calculated. In other words, it represents the difference between your actual win and the win you should have had if the odds of each bet were met.



Strategy consisting of betting on odds that the gambler deems too high in the bookmaker.

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Long Term Bet

Strategy of betting on events that will take place in several weeks, months. These events can be the winner of a competition, winner of a tennis tournament, on which will be the best test marker at the end of the championship, …


This strategy consists of betting on matches before they have started and then watching the evolution of the odds to find situations where it is better to bet the opposite and lose a small sum than to lose the whole starting bet. This strategy makes it possible to be a long-term winner but requires you to follow the odds and live matches.


This strategy consists of betting only on games when they are being played. This strategy requires important knowledge in the analysis of the tactics and evolution of the current game.

Differents markets

1X2 | 1N2

This market allows punters to bet on the outcome of a sporting event. 1 represents the home team win, 2 represents the away team win and X or N represents the draw.

Double Chance